Representative Payee Services

Representative Payee Services

How does a Representative Payee Work?

All it takes is a simple application to Social Security, then we provide financial management assistance. Once established we start talking about your needs. We discuss your bills and expenses and then set up a budget that works for you. Once all of your bills are paid, we will discuss any funds left over for your personal care and well being. We offer a Prepaid Debit card that we can put funds on in just seconds.

The Arc of Mid-Michigan provides cost effective financial and personal needs management to developmentally disabled individuals, mentally ill, senior citizens, and other clients in need.  We strive to treat all individuals served with dignity and respect. When able we provide education on money management, and support the individual as much as possible. 

Service: When The Arc becomes representative payee for a person we will assess the needs based on an individual basis. We work with a lot of other community partners to help provide as many services as needed. We want to empower the individual to help make choices with assistance. 


Once we become payee we help with making a budget, paying bills on time, saving funds, and giving the individual personal spending money. 

Experience: With over 90 clients we are locally known for providing services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities, mental illness, and senior citizens.

Visit Social Security for more info